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Be the first to experience a photorealistic Virtual Reality tour of a Sci-Fi Spaceship located in Area 5100!

With UE4 and Oculus Rift and other VR Goggles or you can use your monitor as well

The whole reason why I am launching forward into this new and exciting area! With the new upcoming Virtual Reality (VR) technology, I want to be the first to offer you an affordable and unique experience as photorealistic as possible in a science fiction environment.

The idea of a spaceship VR tour came to me after a visit at the California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. I thought it would be pretty awesome to have a similar experience with a sci-fi spaceship, so I went to work.

My choice for the VR tour is an unused prototype I designed and created of the KLINGON BIRD Of PREY for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. (This spaceship is mine, so I don't have to deal with copyright)

To achieve this end I decided upon the Unreal Engine 4 as it was the obvious choice, so I labored away more than a year ago to make this project possible as an independent developer of UE4 and Oculus. You can have the full VR experience with Oculus (or most of VR goggles), but if you don't have VR goggles, you can also use a regular computer monitor as you can see in the video. It will be available in different platforms like PC, Apple and smartphone.

This project will be as photorealistic as I can push Unreal engine 4 to be playable. No cheat, everything is hi-resolution 3D modeled and textured. The VR tour is located in a restricted hangar in area 5100. Your access will not just allowed you to walk around or on a Klingon Bird Of Prey, you will also have access to walk in, up the bridge!

I hope you'll enjoy the video teaser and stay tuned, this is just the beginning!