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For those who have followed the show, remember at the end of season three when Starbuck died and came back mysteriously from the dead for season four? (I didn't get that part either) Well, this weird looking Viper was suppose to be the one Starbuck flew back to the colony with. This Viper was a Hybrid between Cylon and human technology from the thirteenth colony. This is why we called it the Viper Mark 13. At one point in the story, the thirteenth colony was suppose to have something to do with the return of zombie Starbuck but the writer abandoned the idea if I remember well. This Viper was never aired on TV and instead, because of the tight budget, they just cleaned up the real size model of the Viper Mark II. I matched the cockpit canopy from the Viper Mark II on it, just in case they changed their mind for the close up of Starbuck sitting in the cockpit.