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Who would like to have a virtual tour aboard the USS Jefferies?

 In the last more or less fifty years, a lot of things that was considered science fiction became science fact. At this incredible rate of scientific discovery we are experiencing today, what if... in a few years from now, we figure out a way to make deep space travel possible. What if... the first interstellar spacecraft to be built is commissioned by the US Navy and its design is inspired by a science-fiction TV show from the sixties... what would it look like?

Why the USS Jefferies?

Matt Jefferies was the man behind the original design of the iconic starship NCC-1701 Enterprise. He was also a WWII veteran. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Jefferies not to long before he died, and also had the privilege to build the NX-01 for the TV series Enterprise. This is my way of paying tribute to his work by naming the spaceship after him.

As weird as it sounds, this spacecraft design came to me in a dream. Since then without going into too much details, I have been working on this project and a story that evolved to the subject of my next novel involving this spacecraft and two others from the international coalition of the Euro Nations and Russia. For those who wonder, this is not the Star Trek world but a fictive world in few years from now in our life time. In the story, after working on different kind of spacecraft design, the configuration of the "Constitution Class" shape end up to be compatible for what the scientists and engineers try to achieve. The technology in the spacecraft is base on today technology, scientific theories and research. For example, the main saucer shaped of the spacecraft is perfect to embed a particle collider that allow to open a wormhole and make deep space travel possible.


Stage one of the project is to allow you to have a virtual tour aboard the USS Jefferies like for example; the bridge, the engine room, the hangar bay and many more. Using the Unreal Engine 4, it will make the experience extremely realistic. As you can imagine this project involves a crazy amount of work and I need your help. I'm using my website to monitor the interest for this virtual tour and to raise funds before going forward in this ambitious enterprise... no pun intended. If you want to see more inside the USS Jefferies, a donation would be greatly appreciated. The USS Jefferies Project trailer is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the development of this project!

Best regards,