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The U-87

This was the first 3D model I did for the TV show Caprica. Gary Hutzel was not completely happy with the sketch design from the art department, so once again Gary asked me to have fun with. I started with the original Cylon Centurion I did for Razor and rebuilt it inside out without the armor. The robot's head took the most time due to the amount of detail that I put on it and the complexity involved. I'm glad I did it because we ended up doing a lot of close up on the U-87 head and I never had to up-res it. Caprica was a disappointment for me as it didn't meet any of my expectations of the TV show, and it turned out to be more about teenage girls than killer robots. However, one of the coolest moments for me happened a few months after the beginning of the production. Gary invited me to come to the workshop to see the real size model of the U-87 robot made by Lou Zutavern and his partner (sorry I forgot his name!!). That was pretty awesome to see the robot in real size... and I have to admit the life size model was very intimidating and if this thing was real. I'm glad it's not... yet.

The U-87 Carbon-fiber armor is unpainted and looks like this before being ready for service with the Marines or the Army.