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The Gateway Novel is now available on the market!

Here's the link for the Paperback:

Link for Kindle edition:

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The book is 5% off on Amazon. Please leave a brief review of the book, and many stars would be greatly appreciated!

To access the Color images; Enter the Password included in the book first page. The Username is the same.

I have been working on my book project for over a year. A few months ago, I submitted a copy to Simon & Schuster Archway Publishing. After their review of the manuscript, I received positive feedbacks and good news from this prominent company. They decided to go ahead and start the publication process. The worldwide official book launch is scheduled for this summer in July 2014. However, the hard copy and it's ebook version are now available on the pre-market and can be found in most bookstores such as Barnes & Nobel and online at Amazon (5% off). If you like my work on the website, I have a good feeling you will enjoy this book. There are thirty images in the book which I created to add a visual dimension to the story. With utmost excitement I am proud to present to you The Gateway, an action/adventure novel. Here is a glimpse of the book cover and three images to give you a sample of what to expect from this action thriller.

Book, The Gateway, Military and science fiction Contents