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I had previously built a high detailed Seahawk for another TV show, so I gave her a second life and makeover by adding on some Caprica technology. This aircraft was also used as an alternative for another aircraft called the Phoenix Air Force, but we ended up using both of them in the same scene during a car chase. Usually the timeline for a TV schedule is faster, and has a lower budget, than it is for a movie schedule. Often times the turn around is very quick and we have to come up with something fast. This Blackhawk is a good example of how we can reuse material and still make something cool out of it.

I was gone to another company during the production or Blood & Chrome. One of my ex-coworker brought to my attention something I didn't pay attention at first sight, about the B&C Raptor or "Wild Weasel". They simply took the tail wing and the engine of the Caprica Blackhawk and pasted it on the extended Raptor's body. The wings mini-guns has been reconfigured side by side on the rear... so, not much modeling was involved on that B&C Wild Weasel.